Applied Arts

LEVI'S MADE & CRAFTED: Charging the Exchange

November 2021

We paired Applied Arts Member, Mary Manning, with Levi's Made and Crafted for a photo and video series that includes friends and creative co-conspirators (including fellow Applied Arts member, Emmanuel Olunkwa, Marquale Ashley, Nicole Van Straatum, Masami Hosono, Liam Benzvi and Lucas Regazzi).

When Levi’s asked how brands should support and engage creative communities and individuals, Mary responded “They should regularly just give over platforms to artists freely and without any expectation that what comes is an easily digestible statement that reflects a desired proof of some perceived solidarity. (Maybe the bigger problem is that artists need these collaborations in the first place.)”

Asked the same question, Emmanuel responded that brands should embrace a model “that isn’t focused on prioritizing the performance of language of politics. I believe that the best thing brands can do to better support creative communities is to provide them with financial resources and tools to further express themselves and establish their practices.” Yes 👏 yes 👏 and yes 👏.