Applied Arts

GITCOIN: Brand and Editorial Strategy

October 2021

Gitcoin, the organization where developers build and fund the open web, took the occasion of a website relaunch to evaluate the way that their core offerings and activities are communicated to a developer audience. The challenge was to clarify both what Gitcoin does, but also establish the organization as a cultural leader and change-maker, redefining the scope of web3-enabled public goods.

Applied Arts, working with our sister organization Other Internet, took Gitcoin through our narrative-identifying methodology, which included stakeholder interviews, a synchronous workshop, and a period of narrative crafting.

Gitcoin is the community of builders and protocols at the center of Web 3 ecosystems. It’s the place people come to build financial freedom, build community, and build a meaningful collective future on the open web.

This work was then applied to a website redesign, which we developed copy for. Additionally, we spearheaded an open RFP grant process for public goods. The proposals included a wide range, from community-owned weather stations to childcare and DAOs. All addressed a diverse, expanded notion of ‘public.’ You can read the full roundup of selected initiatives here: