Applied Arts

INTERCHAIN: Strategy and Communications Working Group

January 2023

matrix in perspective

The Interchain Foundation is part of a complex, multi-pronged organization, within an even more complex decentralized ecosystem. Simply put, in 2021 they faced an identity crisis. Various sub-organization and initiatives needed to be unified by an overarching brand narrative and vision. Through a process of stakeholder engagement and workshop, we produced a complete messaging framework for the organization. This then led to Applied Art’s copy development for the organization’s refreshed website and the production of executional communications guidelines.

Applied Arts then established an ongoing, work-in-public Interchain Communications Working Group. This ad-hoc entity allows for a level of transparency, accountability, and integration of voices across multiple ecosystem entities: core team members, developers, and token holders. Together we conducted developer research, and have created communications guides impacting further ecosystem web development, white paper and product launches.